Web 2.0 Marketing and the Super Bowl…

In many ways, the Super Bowl has reached the pinnacle of advertising and marketing, both in terms of price ($3 million for a 30-second spot), and now in terms of multi-channel marketing. Interactive ads, new search strategies, Web-only outtakes, and social networking are all part of the new array that marketers have at their disposal to make their money count.

I’ve even read that Budweiser is planning to embed links within their ads so that viewers in Canada will be able to use their remotes to click on them via technology from etc.tv. The links will take them to separate channels where they can watch longer versions of the same ad. Pretty cool stuff.

It’s all part of marketers’ attempt to become more savvy in incorporating digital-ad features in their campaigns from the outset, and in the process, making their marketing initiatives more compelling to under generations.

As I’ve said before, marketing and Web 2.0 is the intersection where we’re starting to see some real quantifiable results. The ability for marketers to understand the context in which younger generations interact will present challenges to both marketing departments and technology vendors alike.

And speaking of Budweiser, this is one of my favorite Super Bowl commercials of all time…

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