Posted in February 2009

The Public Sector, Open Source and CRM

It seems like my Google alerts have been inundated with government/open source or government/CRM – related stories this past week, so I figured I’d add my two cents to the mix. Besides the recent rumblings online about the U.K. government, I also just received the March issue of CRM magazine, which ironically enough has a … Continue reading

CRM and Call Centers at Odds…Who Knew?

Most of us in the CRM world see the marriage between CRM software and call centers a happy one, I mean, where else do you really relate to customers (read: not prospects) but in the call center. And while call centers tend to be where customer interact with you at their most unhappy moments – … Continue reading

Social Media and the Value of Authenticity

Like many enthusiasts of social technology, I understand the value placed on authenticity. After all, it wasn’t so long ago people were blasting the Wal-Mart sponsored bloggers for being corporate shills. See, in this new 2.0 world, while there is a high level of anonymity – there is also an expected level of authenticity. The … Continue reading

Online Personas: To Aggregate or Compartmentalize?

I just had an interesting talk with Sugar co-founder Clint Oram and Gartner analyst Jim Davies. We were talking about everything from next generation CRM/call center solutions, to SaaS in the call center, to the evolution of enterprise feedback and social networks. The final area sparked an interesting discussion. Jim made an interesting point that … Continue reading

Cloud Computing…a Different Take

I’ve received some interesting feedback to a blog I wrote last week about the commoditization of cloud computing. I’ve heard many refer to cloud computing as being similar to the concept of utilities, including Sun Microsystem’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz when he presented at SugarCon in 2008. Ala J.P. Morgan’s enduring business case study of transforming … Continue reading

PaaS, Cloud Computing and Common Sense

I’ve been looking over the data surrounding the closing of business for platform-as-a-service (PaaS) provider Coghead, and its subsequent selling of assets to SAP. In a lot of ways, both sides of this event come as little surprise. Here’s why: While the cloud concept is going to open a lot of opportunities in general, it … Continue reading