SugarCon: Day 1

Author/Journalist Michael Lewis kicked off one hell of a day here at SugarCon with a great keynote that tied the economic conditions we’re seeing today with trends we’re seeing in Silicon Valley.

In short, the economy is forcing businesses to rethink the manner in which developed, sold, and evolve. This “creative destructivity” is setting a new benchmark; the globalization of ideas.

Underscoring a theme from his book Moneyball, Lewis essentially sees the same analysis-driven strategy that the Oakland A’s have used to compete in baseball being turned on its head in the world of finance, and as a result, using complexity against reason…and thus overvaluing markets and finances in the process.

Now we’re reevaluating things, and in the process, creating new, more efficient models and ways in which businesses, products, and services are created and shared across a ever shrinking world.

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