SugarCon Day 2: Innovation Loves a Crisis: Thank God There’s a Crisis

Along the same lines of Michael Lewis’ keynote from yesterday, Sun Microsystems CEO and president Jonathan Schwartz kicked off Day 2 at SugarCon with his take on the financial chaos gripping the country, and in the process, how innovation is prospering as a result of it.

“Innovation loves a crisis, and thank God there’s a crisis. And with the chaos has come the opportunity to create new options for the marketplace.”

In software, look for that next step in innovation to be cloud computing. Similar to open source with source code, cloud computing has democratized data centers and applications alike. Computing is entering a new area in which flexibility and scalability are becoming ubiquitous.

Business applications are no longer being driven and purchased by the demands of CIOs, but also developers and consumers. As a result, businesses expect the next evolution of software to be more innovative and consumable then ever before. Cloud computing is the vehicle by which those needs will be attained, and the economy is proving to be the catalyst by which cloud computing’s popularity and growth is accelerating.

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