Product Development/Feedback Right Down to the Code Base

I had the opportunity to partake in some technical and partner training sessions SugarCRM held in San Francisco during the later half of last week, and I’ll tell you, it was an eye opener. Having been a journalist before moving to the vendor side, I had little knowledge about the development cycles and feedback mechanisms involved in rolling out new product versions and working consumer feedback into future ones.

The level of detail involved during the sessions was impressive, including clips of PHP and Java script and examples of adding drop-down menus and other UI enhancements in under a 100 lines of code.

This concept of community-driven development is certainly one we’ve seen take hold in general. Even our proprietary-based competitors have made inroads in recent years, though not at the detailed level that an open source company could accomplish. The shear volume and level of feedback was impressive even to a non-technical employee like myself, but it’s that same feedback that’s so conducive to the open source model.

To be honest, with so much feedback I wonder how our product management and engineering team accomplishes anything at all, though as I see it, that’s a problem all companies should have.