The Genius Behind Hulu

So speaking of advertising, it’s few and far between when an add catches my attention like this one did.

But I love’s latest foray into advertising for many reasons. The company is a multi-channel, marketing whiz, and knows exactly how to tailor itself not just towards younger generations, but older, perhaps less Internet-savvy ones as well. Just ask my mother, which is now addicted to

In addition, the companies advertising model is solid. Rather than basing on gross visitors or some other arbitrary metric, they simply go on popularity. The most popular shows command the highest rates for sponsorship. Simply, yet effective.

Plus, there’s nothing better than when a business embraces its self-disparaging services and/or products into a comedic advertisement, and in the process, owns up to it. Not to mention the fact that’s it’s just damn funny.

Last but not least, you all know you’ll now be heading to at least once this Friday instead of doing your work. I know I’ve already spent the better part of my morning watching Family Guy. Enjoy.