Mobile Blogging – Harder Than it Seems (For me at least…)

So, I took the weekend off and went home to Philadelphia to visit friends and family, and made a concerted effort NOT to bring my laptop with me for the long holiday weekend.

It was an experiment – the first, and probably last, time that I travel without my laptop.

First off, during the trip I got some good updates and alerts on my Blackberry (I didn’t go completely gadget cold turkey…I’m not crazy) and would have loved to blog about them…but the Blackberry browser, even the Opera mini – made it kind of a pain. So I sent some Twitter updates, but frankly felt a little disconnected from the blogosphere.

The real issue came when I was flying home. Due to the less than perfect weather around SFO, we made an unplanned stop in Kansas City. The extra time on the ground would have been a nice chance to catch up on some work, considering the weekend was over and I was already getting some European emails I could have attended to had my laptop been handy. Also, the way in which US Air handled the situation would have made for a nice blog about customer service (let’s just say they continue to disappoint) – but alas, by the time I was near my laptop, my annoyance had subsided.

I thought to myself, “Would all this be moot if I had an iPhone?” And ultimately – I think not. While the Safari browser is far superior in my opinion to those on other devices, my horrible vision and the touchpad of the iPhone would make blogging a nightmare for me.

But really, it all comes down to comfort. Simply put, to date I have very limited experience blogging from a mobile device. I expect to look back on this post a year from now and laugh at my naivete’.

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