SugarCRM is Sweet on a Mac…

Just a quick shout out to Paul Greenberg, who writes in his latest (and fast becoming my favorite) ZDnet blog about the seeming dearth of CRM apps built for the Mac platform.

Thankfully Paul did note that SugarCRM runs fine on the Mac (and any platform at that). The great thing about truly web-architected applications is their ability to run anywhere. And this goes for On-Demand or On-site deployments.

The Mac CRM debate is interesting. it is far different from the funny old paradox years ago that so many graphically-oriented end-user applications were designed on Macs, but failed to run on them. Today, apps for Mac are just as prevalent in the non-business world, and are also catching up in the business world.

We can’t forget that Macs have only lately really begun to be commonplace in non-creative type industries. (As a journalist I worked on both Macs and PCs through the years, with a lot of headaches coming when my PC-written article and PC-software edited photos had issues being formated by the Mac-using art director.) So, the lag time is understandable in my mind.

Ultimately, the web will quickly fill the gap I think when it comes to CRM apps for the Mac, as it is easier to sell and proliferate Mac-based apps via the internet. (Also, more and more truly agnostic web-based CRM apps like SugarCRM will make the issue moot.) Apple itself has proven that web distribution channels are ways to penetrate the market with ease and for less costs.

All we need to see is a few great CRM apps that run on the Mac in Apple’s AppStore. I can think of one off the top of my head… 😉

One thought on “SugarCRM is Sweet on a Mac…

  1. Huh? Has that guy ever used a Mac? The Mac has the most powerful CRM ever built, Daylite. Anyone take a look, that application and community is thriving not dieing.

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