Some Still See Vendor Lock-In as a Good Thing…

Everyone is talking “open” these days. Well, either open or “the cloud” seems to be coming out of every technology marketers mouths…

So I was surprised to see that an obvious critique of’s Force platform as a lock-in strategy treated as a good thing by Fortune magazine. In a recent article online, I read analyst Liz Herbert’s comment:

“There are few places to go once you’re hooked into the Salesforce community,” says Gartner analyst Liz Herbert. “It wouldn’t be easy to switch off and go to a competitor.”

I was expecting a warning of sorts to follow. Instead, the article seemed to imply that locking customers in is a strong strategy.

Hmmm…strange to see that some people, especially in this economy, do not understand the value of empowering, not locking down, customers…

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