Blowing Up Tanks, the iStore and Making Money During a Recession

If there isn’t a better example of how opening up one’s business to community development can help buck the economy, than it’s Apple with the iStore.

Ethan Nicholas has been receiving some attention online the past few days after the computer programmer lost his job and built a $2.99 game for the iPhone. You can get all the details here, but the guy has made $700,000 in just the space of a few months.

Nicholas created iShoot, which is essentially the iPhone’s version of the all-time great game Tanks. Apple takes home 30 percent, which is 100 percent profit for them thanks to letting their customers do all the heavy lifting.

The amount of sheer demand apple is able to generate with the iStore is incredible (they got me to blog about it, didn’t they?). But at the same time they’ve given their user base the shear control that every customer is looking for via community development, which is a win-win situation for both parties as people look to make money anyway they can.