California’s Failed SAP Implementation: A Lesson In Old-School IT

California’s decision over the weekend to shed a multi-million dollar SAP implementation caught my attention for a number of reasons, mostly because it represented antiquated implementations from years past.

Similar to the Shane Co. example that I blogged about a month ago, this is more a reflection on inept decision making and failed business processes than it is on SAP’s software. The fact that California’s payroll system is still running on a Vietnam-era legacy system is flat-out terrifying.

More over, and as an additional blog highlights, the old-school model of massive, multi-million dollar rollouts with huge system integrators/consultants is a thing of the pass. The next generation of applications and software delivery models has lead to more dexterous and agile implementation processes, ones that the Accenture’s and PricewaterhouseCooper’s of the world are scrambling to adapt to…or in the case of BearingPoint, not adopting to.

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