Cloud Computing…a Different Take

I’ve received some interesting feedback to a blog I wrote last week about the commoditization of cloud computing.

I’ve heard many refer to cloud computing as being similar to the concept of utilities, including Sun Microsystem’s CEO Jonathan Schwartz when he presented at SugarCon in 2008. Ala J.P. Morgan’s enduring business case study of transforming electricity from a luxury of the few into a mass-market commodity and service, many have tied open source’s economies of scale and low barrier of entry to Morgan’s realization that it becomes instinctual for people to then consume such technology.

To that end, Mitch couldn’t be more spot on with his comments. Especially when taken in the context that applications are no longer being driven and purchased by the demands of just the CIO, but by consumers and developers as well. While I still believe developers will play an ever important role in the development and deployment of cloud computing, businesses expect the next evolution of software to be open, innovative, and have freedom and choice…and be easy and practicable to consume. Cloud computing platforms should be no different.