Posted in February 2009

What Harley Davidson has Learned from Open Source (I Think)

Progress is inevitable. Change is constant. Yadda yadda yadda… I keep telling myself these trite proverbial cliches to keep my spirits up after selling off one of my babies – my 40 year old British wonder – a beautiful 1969 Triumph motorcycle. She just wasn’t being given the attention she needed, given my other bikes, … Continue reading

The Social CRM Learning Curve

I saw an E-Commerce Times article online yesterday talking about the state of social CRM. On the whole, it was pretty spot on, save for one major area with which I took particular issue. The author of the piece stated that: In most cases, applications like CRM systems were designed to work with structured data, … Continue reading

Gartner: An Honest Take on SaaS

It’s refreshing to see a major analytics firm like Gartner issuing a report about the hype that’s surrounded SaaS for years now. Whether SaaS truly is more affordable than on-premise installations has been a debate that’s raged within the industry for years. As a former editor at CRM magazine, I remember covering the story from … Continue reading

A Few Additional Thoughts On Open Source and Cloud Computing

The other day I wrote about the benefits, and more specifically, about the growing number of companies adopting hybrid proprietary/open source application environments within their IT department, all to the tune of more choice and flexibility within their respective businesses. Today, along the same lines of giving customers choice, Matt Asay blogged about the comments … Continue reading

Some Still See Vendor Lock-In as a Good Thing…

Everyone is talking “open” these days. Well, either open or “the cloud” seems to be coming out of every technology marketers mouths… So I was surprised to see that an obvious critique of’s Force platform as a lock-in strategy treated as a good thing by Fortune magazine. In a recent article online, I read … Continue reading

Customer References 2.0

I just had a great talk with Jim Mooney of References Online (thanks go to Denis Pombriant for the introduction). References Online is essentially a service that crates online (of course) video and audio customer references for companies. The idea is simple, but a very good one. During the sales cycle in many industries, prospects … Continue reading