Posted in March 2009

Is Search Engine Optimization Still Relevant?

I have been covering sales and marketing software for a long time, and to this day I can not adequately explain to a layman the concept of search engine optimization (SEO). Maybe, it is because this is an area that for the most part involves human interacting with technology (search engines and the net in … Continue reading

Gartner: 2009 IT Spending as Bad as Bust

Gartner says it expects IT spending to drop nearly four percent in 2009 over the previous year as the current recession will see more losses than the dot-com bust in 2001. Nothing in particular about the study jumps out, as I think the industry in general obviously expected such results. But one statistic did catch … Continue reading

Twitter in the Context of Customer Service

There’s been a lot of industry hoopla in recent weeks about Twitter, and more specifically, about leveraging it within the context of customer service. In nearly every aspect it’s a no-brainer, and Twitter is a good bit of functionality for broadcasting a customer’s needs and as the network continues expanding the likelihood that someone will … Continue reading

When Twitter has a Downtime…How Do You Tell Your Friends?

Twitter has basically exploded over the past month. I mean, everyone and their brother, literally, has joined up. Looks like the growing pains have got to the micro-blogging firm, as service has been spotty the past few days. But this is to be expected. I mean, who could have predicted this kind of exponential growth … Continue reading

Twitter and Marketing 2.0

In line with Martin’s latest blog, I’ve really begun to see some real benefits around Twitter and marketing 2.0. While Twitter still doesn’t have a real revenue-generating model per say, and the ability of the company to generate revenue streams will depend entirely on its ability to bundle services and functionality into a price that … Continue reading

Would You Pay For Twitter?

I’ve seen a few news stories pointing out that Twitter, which has seen amazing uptake but little in terms of revenue streams, might be looking to create a paid service for businesses. This brings up a lot of questions. First, will businesses that are currently leveraging Twitter be locked out until they fork up some … Continue reading

The Open Cloud in Action: Rhomobile

Not surprising to me, much of the talk both on and off the presentation stage at the Open Source Business Conference yesterday focused on the economy: when and if the rebound is coming, and how open source companies may or may not be poised to benefit the most from the recovery. But it was a … Continue reading