Anyone Using Ning?

I’m trying to get my head around Ning…anyone out there using Ning successfully?  Please drop me a line…

For those who are even less social media literate then myself, Ning is a platform of sorts desinged to enable anyone to create a social network. Think of it as facebook in a box.

3 thoughts on “Anyone Using Ning?

  1. I use ning for a community project in my neighborhood. Contact me if you want, I’m happy to chat w/ you about it.

  2. Thanks guys…I am curious to see what you guys think…on the technical side, seems a simple aggregate of open source scripts…but from a market value side, could be interesting, especially for B2B stuff where “flash and sizzle” is less important than functionality.

    If you care to add some deeper comments, I’d be happy to post them on the blog…


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