More Clouds in the Sky…And That’s a Good Thing

I just saw over at Matt Asay’s blog that SourceForge has started to become a hosting provider for production environments and not just a download repository.

This is a good thing. Like we have said all along, open source and the cloud are very much the same. They bring down barriers to entry for developers and users, change costs models and foster innovation.

And the more heterogeneous the cloud becomes, the better. true interoperability and standards are the future. And companies pushing vertical stacks of cloud environments are going to get hit hard once more people realize the inherent limitations they will face in those environments.

I am going to go on a limb and predict that SugarCRM, and many other app providers offering cloud versions and premise-based solutions, will see an even bigger jump in how many customers start opting for cloud deployments in the next yar.