Making Sense of the Twitterverse

I just wanted to thank my associate Mitch Lieberman publicly – since he has helped me to filter through the Twitterverse (is that a common term yet?) – finding meaning in a sea of 140-character rants.

Mitch turned me on to TweetDeck this morning, and it’s already helped me to see how Twitter can be much more valuable as a research and brand-metering tool.

Very cool, thanks again Mitch…

3 thoughts on “Making Sense of the Twitterverse

  1. Martin, I am ears deep in trying to decipher the functionality of all the various add-on metrics and cataloging tools availabe for Twitter users. This morning, I have been checking out Hoot Suite and can’t seem to validate its use vis-a-vis metrics. Have you found TweetDeck useful for this purpose rather than just as a sort tool?

  2. I’m just in sort mode now…I’m seeing some very “at a glance” metrics in terms of gauging how many hits a search keyword (ie SugarCRM) gets over a 24-hour period…but I haven’t gone all that deep yet…

  3. Tweetdeck in my opinion is “THE” UI to use (especially with the @ lookup add on). even if it is memory hungry.. Other clients to try our Twhirl and lots others here:

    I use TwitterBerry on the blackberry which is also very good….

    If you want to track and understand conversations check or to catch links try or – all very useful tools.

    Happy Tweeting.

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