Hulu: Embracing Social Networking

I’ve blogged about Hulu and what I like to call marketing 2.0 in the past. This week Hulu once again provided a great example of how savvy companies are employing social networking and other online-assisted initiatives to turn a pretty penny.

The company today launched Hulu Friends, which lets users invite friends from your e-mail address book or Facebook and MySpace accounts, and then see a feed of what your friends have been watching, commenting on, or subscribing to.

So here you have an online content provider piggybacking social networking by enabling its fan base to connect “socially,” and thus hopefully increase its customer base in the process. More importantly, Hulu can now leverage that data to better track who is watching what, helping advertisers target their ads. And every video a user watches and each “friend” interaction should allow Hulu to better target their marketing.