An Author Who’s Giving His Book Away For Free?

For those of you not familiar with David Meerman Scott, he is an author and thought leader in the world of online marketing. In a nutshell, he speaks to the “new rules” of marketing and PR, and how marketing and public relations is vastly different on the Web than in mainstream media.

I’ve read one of his books a little over a year ago, The New Rules of Marketing and PR. It’s an excellent read, and should be madatory reading for all marketing and PR professionals who are new to Internet marketing and want to learn how they can use blogs, podcasts, news releases, viral marketing and online media to reach their buyers directly. He’s got a great blog too,

But what caught my attention was this blog by one of my former colleagues over at CRM magazine that recently had the chance to interview Scott in person about his upcoming book, World Wide Rave. To help market the book, Scott offered his book for free for five days as a digital download.

I love it because here you have an example of the open source model (Well sort of. I don’t know if he plans on accepting feedback into future editions) at work in a complimentary manor in the publishing industry. Needless to say, marketing virally by giving away our product for free is something that we here at SugarCRM are familiar with, as are others within the software industry. But this is the first time I’ve seen similar concepts put to use in an industry such as publishing.

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One thought on “An Author Who’s Giving His Book Away For Free?

  1. Colin,

    Thanks for noticing this and writing about it.

    The free Kindle idea was a huge success. We chose this period of time because I was at South-by-Southwest and the buzz was amazing. Something like 500 tweets about it and the number one Kindle download for the week.

    While not true open source, the paperback edition of “New Rules” and a future second edition are written with tons of reader feedback as the basis for changes. I use my blog and twitter (and email) suggestions from readers as the primary way to make adjustments.



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