Microsoft’s and Sun’s Take on the Cloud

I’ve been reading up on Sun Microsystem’s latest offering in the cloud computing space, and taken in the context of Martin’s recent post on Microsoft’s take on the cloud, found some points that nicely compliment each other.

Cloud computing still has a long way to go before it reaches the enterprise mainstream, but it’s obvious that open source and cloud computing are on intersecting courses. Nearly all of the cloud players are also big contributors to the open source market in one way or another.

In the context of Sun Microsystem’s new cloud offering, I’m really impressed with the cloud service APIs the vendor is leveraging whose specifications are published under a Creative Commons license, which in many ways parallels open source licensing in giving the customer freedom. But the end result speaks to what Microsoft was getting at in terms of flexibility, it gives the customer the ability to build any type of cloud, hybrid or not, AND the ability to take your data and build an alternative to Sun’s offering yet still remain compatible with it.