What’s Wrong With “Skinny” CRM Solutions?

Not to beat a dead horse, but after looking over this Infoworld.com article again, I garnered some additional thoughts that I felt deserved being mentioned here.

Myth 3 talks about SaaS offering skinnier versions of more sophisticated applications. In many ways, that’s by and far true, particularly with older SaaS applications. But I don’t necessarily view that as a bad thing.

The vast majority of our customers, both big and small, are still looking for an easy-to-use and adapt CRM solution that starts off with the basics. It’s one of the cornerstones of any successful implementation, especially in terms of end-user adoption.

But I just don’t see the large-scale demand for a lot of the heavy analytics and other deep-diving functionality that some of the enterprise vendors are offering out-of-the-box. I think that remains the realm of enterprise-grade, mature CRM implementations, which according to many, including Gartner, are not at.

In that sense, I think SaaS has done a good job in resetting a company’s expectations of a CRM system, and in the process, help insure the company take baby steps, resulting in a more successful rollout.

In my opinion, all CRM applications should start off “skinny,” but give customers the option and flexibility to upgrade to bigger and better or adapt additional flexibility if and when they choose to for whatever the business endeavor.