Twitter and Marketing 2.0

In line with Martin’s latest blog, I’ve really begun to see some real benefits around Twitter and marketing 2.0.

While Twitter still doesn’t have a real revenue-generating model per say, and the ability of the company to generate revenue streams will depend entirely on its ability to bundle services and functionality into a price that businesses are willing to pay for.

But a good place to start would be with marketing. Martin and I have seen it here on Outsiders, which is one of the big reasons we now include a “Tweet This” button on the site for each post. There’s some real marketing value that could be driven by Twitter as long as a company is willing to take some time and dig for it.

Twitter is about finding people in a community who love, or “follow,” what it is your company does, and in the process, become evangelists. In that way, marketers are taking a bottom-to-top approach to marketing, uncovering the best evangelists for your service and/or products.

From a customer service perspective, which many have touted as being another avenue through which Twitter will be leveraged by CRM, engaging with customers on Twitter is a good place to start. A perfect example is, which is essentially a directory of businesses on Twitter. It tracks what companies are doing on Twitter and is a great resource for businesses looking to see what like-minded companies are doing on the site.

2 thoughts on “Twitter and Marketing 2.0

  1. Thanks for the Twibs info.

    Twitter has grown so quickly, it’ll be interesting to see what it becomes. And, whether or not someone comes along with an improvement on the idea.

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