Twitter in the Context of Customer Service

There’s been a lot of industry hoopla in recent weeks about Twitter, and more specifically, about leveraging it within the context of customer service. In nearly every aspect it’s a no-brainer, and Twitter is a good bit of functionality for broadcasting a customer’s needs and as the network continues expanding the likelihood that someone will see you comments will only increase.

The concept of customers helping each other isn’t new, and I certainly see Twitter as another big step in the direction of community-based service, but I still think there’s a lot to be desired.

With a limit of 140 characters, higher support issues or escalated cases could be hung dry. Still, that doesn’t take away from CRM vendors now leveraging what is rapidly turning into the fastest growing social application on the Web. So far, I think we’re still in the “Twitter 1.0” phase.

The key, like always, will be the ability for businesses to fit Twitter servicing into the larger context of the customer service regime, and give their customers the ability to “press zero for a live operator” when the time calls for it.

Finally, extending those benefits for feedback back into the CRM system could be the next step. The value of leveraging measuring positive and negatives via a dashboard embedded into the CSRs desktop could provide a great measure and extend the value strategies around concepts such as enterprise feedback management.