Posted in April 2009

A Perfect Example of the Open Cloud

I just spoke with a customer of ours (a European-based manufacturer) that’s taking media briefings on our behalf, and I couldn’t help but notice that the conversation really gets to the crux of what we’re announcing today. Cloud computing is perfectly suited to support the multi-company business processes inherent to any manufacturing business model, and … Continue reading

Is Your Business Ready for the Era of Social Commerce?

Just read a nice distillation of a new Forrester report by Jessica Tsai over at The report plots the levels of social media’s penetration into the collective psyche of the business world. The final stage, which we are entering into somewhat soon  is called “The Era of Social Commerce.” This era is categorized thusly: … Continue reading

The Key Attributes of Platform Offerings

I’ve been seeing a number of vendors debuting new platform strategies and solutions – such as Jaspersoft and LongJump – in recent weeks. The idea of leveraging an application’s base functionality as a platform into other capabilities is now well established, and I believe the future of business software, but I still see a lot … Continue reading

Imagining a Recession Without Social Media…

We all know – and are hopefully mildly relieved by the fact – that every some odd years the economy goes down the toilet for a little while. Ah, the wonder of cyclical economics. But what is interesting to me about this recession is that there are now more and more tools available for individuals … Continue reading

Commoditizing Sales at the Price of Service

Having watched many of our software brethren in the industry cut spending, institute hiring freezes and initiate layoffs, I’ve been thinking about how such practices can be detrimental to the vendor/client relationship, and how the software industry is providing a perfect example for CRM initiatives across multiple industries as a whole. I realize that vendors … Continue reading