Call For Questions: Cloud, Social CRM and Next-Gen Mashups

I am in the process of planning a webinar and the topic is centered on the next generation web-based platforms and several of the implications of this evolution in application development and deployment.

In order to hit the right topics – and keep it a lively discussion – I am asking for your questions and comments around the following topics:

  • Social CRM
  • Development of Applications “In the Cloud”
  • Questions around Cloud-Based Apps (security, portability, data stewardship, etc.)
  • Web services in a cloud world – both from a “publishing” and a “consumption” standpoint; basically the challenges and opportunities of integration in the cloud.
  • The “mashup” concept in the cloud era: easier or more complex to create and manage?
  • CRM as a Platform

I will be reading the questions off, and may or may not call out names – so please let me know if you wish to remain anonymous…

Thanks, and I look forward to hearing your thoughts…you can comment here, tweet over your questions, or email me.