SugarCRM Community Edition in Action – Seeking Your Stories!

Are you using Sugar Community edition in your business? Or perhaps using Community Edition to power some sort of non-profit or public sector initiative?

I’d love to hear from you.

Too often the media and industry observers get caught up in the “big numbers” of open source (5.2+ million downloads and counting), and try to connect the dots between downloads and dollars. They fail to think that for many businesses, an open source application is just what they need.

If your business is using Community Edition in any major capacity, let me know…I’m looking for a couple great deployments to spotlight.

2 thoughts on “SugarCRM Community Edition in Action – Seeking Your Stories!

  1. This is our 3rd use of SugarCRM as an instant backend for a web based business.

    We’ve focused on building the our application(s) and just integrate the signups straight into Sugar so we get all the benefit of a stable fully featured CRM without having to build any of it.

    It allows us to focus on building the money making end of what we do but still have a decent CRM


    Pete Bowen

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