SugarCRM and E-Commerce Integration Gets Even Easier

Just saw that Magento partner Vivendo has created a cool integration between the e-commerce engine and SugarCRM. Of course, I see this right after crafting a webinar (soon to be found at with one of our engineers about the benefits of CRM integration.

There are a ton of benefits when it comes to integrating Sugar with a product like Magento, especially for B2B online sales. This allows less overhead, as sales cycles can be more efficient and shorter. Also, it decreases the amount of data duplication – since orders don’t need to be entered twice, nor invoices, etc.

But what I like the most is how CRM/e-commerce integrations enhance marketing operations (surprise!). By using Sugar’s web-to-lead forms to register users, and having online buyers login to purchase – you can track much more trend data than you could with a more anonymous e-commerce process model. You can start to see how people are behaving online; which promotions lead to more online (and thus cheaper) sales conversions; and how often prospects and customers log on to the site before buying, to name a few benefits.

Keep up the cool SugarCRM integrations, folks…