Never Underestimate the Experience in Customer Experience

Training and preparing customer-facing employees for the unexpected has become the cornerstone of any CRM initiative. So when a former colleague forwarded me this article about taxi cab drivers in Dubai receiving customer service guidance via “intensive training courses,” it peeked my interest, and my sense of humor. But than again, whom am I to question these courses, because as I’m sure nearly everybody who reads this blog can attest to, there are some pretty lousy taxi cab drivers out there.

So here’s to driving home customer service in every line of business…and as Dwight from The Office demonstrates nicely in this clip, how best to drive points home to employees than via real-life experiences. Enjoy.

One thought on “Never Underestimate the Experience in Customer Experience

  1. Since taxi service is such a convenience driven product, I’m not sure good customer service is what people are expecting. But, maybe it is a way for a taxi company to differentiate itself from the rest, which would raise the bar for the rest.

    I’m not sure, but Dwight may have gone too far this time.

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