What About the Internal Cloud?

We have a number of customers throughout Europe that are currently embarking on multi-national deployments, and in the process, taking a hybrid approach with their deployments of SugarCRM. One in particular has offices in China, which is still notorious for slower Internet speeds and security issues, so they’ve taken their Sugar installation their on-site, while Germany, France, Italy and England are on-demand.

This same business is taking a lot of cutting-edge approaches to their IT initiatives, which includes cloud computing. That got me thinking. If and when they reach that stage begs the question about internal, or on-site cloud computing environments.

For many lines of business, such as financial services, the security issues prevalent with a hosted environment eliminates such an option by shear default. So why not a cloud environment on-site? I’ve already heard of a number of businesses, including some of our own, that are embarking on virtualization programs within their data centers.

So the idea is these companies are pooling their computing resources into a cloud and managing it themselves, so in the end you’re still leveraging the utilization and efficiency associated with the hosted model, but without the security risks.

As Martin and I have said in the pass, there’s no one-size-fits-all approach to technology. The on-demand versus on-site argument has proven that, and I don’t expect cloud computing to be any different.