App World vs. App Store – Who Wins? (The Consumer)

I’ve been checking out Blackberry’s new App World over the weekend – and it has some pretty cool stuff. Of course, being second to the party means that there is a ton of cool stuff on Apple’s AppS tore, and Blackberry will be playing catch up for a bit. But already there are a ton of really cool apps to add to your Blackberry experience.

In the end, the good thing is that consumers and businesses have choice when it comes to expanding into mobile.

But if the consumer wins (and of course Apple and RIM both win in their own right), then who loses? I’d argue the mobile application developer. While Apple and Blackberry make it great for the consumer to access and consume cool apps with ease – the developer still (for the most part) is stuck with writing different versions of his application for these disparate platforms. That is why I have become increasingly interested in new mobile platform plays like Rhombile. These guys take the neutrality of the web (with HTML coding) to the resident or native mobile app game. Being able to write an application once, and run it on any platform was the goal with traditional apps a while ago. And it seems that web applications proved to be the right way to win that battle.

So, it only seems fit that it becomes possible to write mobile applications with the same freedom that we write their traditional app counterparts.

One thought on “App World vs. App Store – Who Wins? (The Consumer)

  1. I have a work issue BB and a personal iPhone. Apple wins hands down. You really can’t even compare. The BB App World is….baaaaad…….really bad so far.

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