Amazon MapReduce: BI in the Cloud

I just took note of this announcement by Amazon (albeit late) about integrating its EC2 and S3 Web services with Hadoop, an open source project in the making for the last few years that develops software for distributing data.

But I felt compelled enough to blog about, mainly because everybody talks about scalability and cost when it comes to cloud computing, and this is another step in that direction with quantifiable results. With this new service, called MapReduce, developers are being given the chance to gather and work with massive datasets at a fraction of what a traditional setup would cost, and be extended into areas such as data mining, analysis or BI, and in the process, opening up functionality to SMBs at the cost of just a few dollars per hour.

And the best part is, since Hadoop is open source, it’s pretty much been tailored to run across a realm of cloud computing environments. All in all, a nice example of what companies can come to expect out of cloud computing and open source working together.