The Web 2.0 Call Center of Tomorrow Should Really Be Today

I took note of this recent Gartner report garnered by a survey of 1500 CIOs, mostly because I was taken back by the priorities and timetables laid forth by CIOs regarding the call center of tomorrow. First and foremost, the fact that attracting and retaining customers has dropped from second to fifth place in the mind of most CIOs is a little unnerving and disturbing. I’d like to know what other four priorities take precedent given the current state of the economy.

But I also found it disturbing that Gartner predicts that managing Web interactions won’t be a core competency of the contact center until 2012…and CSRs will require two monitors on an agent’s desktop to know their customers’ Web presence in online communities at the time of a telephone interaction.

I’d argue those should be core capabilities now. At the very least CSRs should have the ability to track and monitor a customer’s online presence within the business’ own Web-based communities, and certainly within the context of a single monitor. Newer user interfaces have dictated the necessity to present these interactions at the click of the mouse; requiring a send monitor to view them is antiquated to say the least.

In addition, the emergence of Web 2.0 and other social media integrations prebuilt into CRM solutions are resulting in customers beginning to track customers across social media communities. We’ve begun to see customers starting to leverage our own Cloud Connectors in similar fashions.

The next phase will be multi-channel interactions in which customers will be able to transfer from chat to telephone on the fly, thus continuing the virtualization and extension of the CRM desktop into the world of the Web via social media technologies the will enable apps such as Facebook or Twitter to be leveraged by a CSR.

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  1. I could not agree more with the comments made in this article. Answer Center America, Inc (ACA) is a Chicago based call center who has been actually performing many of the services mentioned above for a few year now. Here at ACA we use the 2 monitor system described but have begun to migrate to a 1 26″ inch split screen monitor, same principle just as less square footage. Non-Live services truly are the future of the contact center arena and unless the rest of the industry catches up soon they may find a shift in power for the big players.

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