Social Media is for Lead Generating and Customer Service, Not Closing Sales

Going over some of the recent coverage from my former employer, I found this article by one of my ex-colleagues at

Companies looking to leverage social media sites such as Twitter to close sales 140-characters at a time will be supremely disappointed. It’s simply not a sales-closing tool. Social media will remain a lead generation and customer service medium, as they offer the functionality and community-style environment for broadcasting a customer’s needs and allowing business to proactively react by offering follow-up information and offers, and thus, keeping the lines of communication open.

The next step will be extending those results and feedback into a reporting engine via a dashboard that feeds back into the CRM system to allow businesses to streamline their online strategies.

But in many regards, social media can’t replace the sales methodologies, processes and core SFA functions that sales departments use to close deals. Deals are still closed and will continue to be closed via old-school channels: in-person or over the phone. Social media tools should be leveraged to get a salesperson to that point.