Using Social Media to Enhance Customer Experience (Oh, and Go Flyers!)

I just saw on Paul Greenberg’s personal blog how the Philadelphia Flyers are leveraging a cool mix of social media and word-of-mouth marketing to generate a great fan experience. It truly is a great example of how this type of web content is great for extending the dialog and generating interest – AND it even helps close the sale (something Colin and myself and others were saying social and web 2.0 media doesn’t necessarily need to do).

And I should add, this is a bit of a self-serving posting. Mainly because a) I respect and share a lot of the opinions of Paul Greenberg and always want to give him props because he always returns the favor šŸ˜‰ and b) because I love that my Philadelphia Flyers are creating a fan experience that bests any in the League (or professional sports for that matter). Also, I went to school with the guy who runs a lot of the Flyer’s operations – must be something in the South Jersey water that makes us care about customer satisfaction…

Paul demonstrates the actual fan experience in a cool manner, check it out:

What I like most about this concept is that by nature fosters a word-of-mouth approach. One person sees the site, puts in their number and sees how cool it is, and you KNOW they are gonna add their friends number. The conversion rate for tickets might not be super high (and who knows, maybe they are), but the message and the cool factor will keep the Flyers top of mind as the NHL playoffs begin.

But as long as they beat the Rangers, it’s all good…right Paul? šŸ˜‰