Call for Questions – Cloud, Social CRM, and Mashups

We are trying something new with a webinar we’re recording this week.  Rather than take questions from the audience I thought we’d scour the blogosphere and Twitterverse for questions surrounding the topics at hand, namely:

  • Cloud Computing and CRM deployments
  • Social CRM
  • Mashups, the Next Generation

If you have a question on these topics you’d like answered, comment or email me (let me know if you wish to remain anonymous) and your question will be answered in the webinar. I’ll announce the webinar link when it’s available.

Hope to hear from you…

One thought on “Call for Questions – Cloud, Social CRM, and Mashups

  1. Martin, most of the questions I am getting from our clients and asking myself are around metrics. How can I establish the ROI of SMN in CRM (love those acronyms). How can I connect my Twitterverse etc. presence to closed deals, enhanced customer relationships, new leads, etc? Are we maturing to one “supertool” that will not only track our pipeling and our opportunities, but will incorporate all of our marketing and outreach efforts? I think most are bought into the concept of participating, or at least observing in the SMN world, but many are cautious about measuring the real impact that their presence has.

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