Multi-Tenancy vs. Single Tenancy: Are You Serious?

Debates such as these always make me smile, as both models are aging dinosaurs that won’t really matter in a few years. For a small percentage of smaller businesses looking for basic functionality out-of-the-box, I can see where discussions such as these still hold merit.

But for the vast majority of businesses moving forward, multi-tenant and single-tenant platforms and applications are about lock-in, inflexible architectures and difficulties porting data and other intellectual property.

In a world of open source, virtualization and more readily available cloud-based developer resources that are nearly available to all – you’d think the single tenant/multi-tenant debate would finally be crushed.

One thought on “Multi-Tenancy vs. Single Tenancy: Are You Serious?

  1. I would even argue that regardless of the model, the only thing that matters is the end-user experience. If a vendor can offer a strong application experience – while still creating economies of scale for itself – the “tenancy” of the app is irrelevant.

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