The Personal Recommendation, Twitter-Style

Getting into Twitter and not sure who to follow?  Well, Twibes has sprung up to solve that very problem. The concept is simple – users sign in and select Twitter members they feel are worth following…think of it as word-of-mouth marketing for individuals and not just brands – tying in to what I was saying the other day about social media almost being a bigger marketing tool for individual personalities than it is for corporate brands.

The idea is pretty cool as well in the fact that it helps you to aggregate a community based on interests or major life events. While Twitter is a great tool for gathering opinions, it is still all over the place. And while tools like Tweedeck help – having a trusted network of tweets coming in can be a nice thing to have for, say, planning a wedding or making a 3,000-mile road trip through South America (though I do not recommend planning both of these at the same time).

It is a natural extension of the types of recommendation and user rating tools that made Amazon and Yelp! leaders in the user-generated content world.