Video-Enabled Call Centers

In follow-up discussions with a former colleague of mine over at Datamonitor, I came across a company called CosmoCom, which among other services, provides call centers with video-enabled solutions.

Needless to say there’s a ton of potential here. Call centers no longer limited to the voice medium could offer huge bonuses in terms of the customer experience, particularly with higher escalation calls in which video diagrams or instructions can help solve a problem, leading to shorter resolution times, remote diagnostic and resolution and saving field service forces time and money.

But I also see it having an impact on the mobile market as call centers look to incorporate videos into their services. Interactive, mobile video could change how call centers operate and transform outbound mobile marketing.

That said, the call center technology to enable all this is still very much in the embryonic state, such as IVVR (interactive voice and video response) solutions. Like most technologies surrounding this market, Asia and Europe are starting to take the lead with trial phases, but it should interesting to watch adoption and best practices develop here in the U.S. over the coming years as well.

One thought on “Video-Enabled Call Centers

  1. I think some aspects of the video service could greatly enhance a call experience. It would be much nicer to select from a visible list than the current method of listening to a long list of choices. I’m not sure seeing the person with whom I’m speaking would be an improvement for me, but for some it may make it a more personal experience.

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