Defining Sales 1.0 vs. Sales 2.0 – in 140 Characters…

The Twitter user Salesreach asked a great question, in true Twitter fasion: “How would you describe Sales 2.0 in 140 characters?”

Tough to do, actually.

I responded with: Sales 1.0 was mono-directional “pitching”; sales 2.0 is about engaging in a dialog to lead prospects to the right sales decision.

I think it’s an “OK” stab at it…But I think my answer (due mostly to the short format) describes B2B sales 2.0 rather than the whole of sales 2.0.

If you’d like to answer – feel free to @reply me or Salesreach on Twitter. If you have a great definition of sales 2.0 that requires more than 140 characters, feel free to drop a comment below.

One thought on “Defining Sales 1.0 vs. Sales 2.0 – in 140 Characters…

  1. Sales 2.0 uses social networking and real-time trigger events/data, allowing us to filter the most up to date qualified leads and make “warm” pitches.

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