One Billion iPhone Apps Proves the Promise of the Cloud

Just saw that Apple announced on Friday that it has seen more than one billion downloads of applications on the App Store and related areas for Apple iPhone applications.


While the news is staggering – that is a ton of activity around a phone with limited network carriers etc., the real news here is around the engine powering this activity. The App Store is a great example of how cloud-based development and distribution models are changing the way everyone interacts with software.

Think of it – ten years ago no one would have imagined they could access, demo and install software without ever talking to a person. Now – I see more and more of a change where people want to deploy all kinds of software, and seeing a sales person more as a guide than the person explaining and “selling” the software.

It is great to see open source and SaaS converge in an open cloud environment that also fosters commerce. I mean, developers are using all sorts of open source tools to get these apps developed and on the App Store with lightning speed, and of course the cloud powers the Store, and the delivery and billing of these apps. It is an amazing evolution if you stop and think about it.

If the promise of the open cloud delivers – all kinds of robust software will be sold in this manner. Not just games that allow you to shake a baby or turn your iPhone into a pinball machine.