A Perfect Example of the Open Cloud

I just spoke with a customer of ours (a European-based manufacturer) that’s taking media briefings on our behalf, and I couldn’t help but notice that the conversation really gets to the crux of what we’re announcing today.

Cloud computing is perfectly suited to support the multi-company business processes inherent to any manufacturing business model, and any supply chain, beginning with business applications “as a service,” followed by other open cloud aspects such as development platforms and ongoing integration/customization on an outsourced subscription basis.

For this customer, it’s about leveraging our on-demand offerings to provide the hardware and software infrastructure, easy upgrades, remote yet scalable storage and predictable costs through subscriptions. They key, as always, is support of the business processes, which in this case means leveraging Sugar On-Demand as a platform that allows their supply chain to further benefit thanks to the flexibility associated with the open cloud.

For them, the next wave will focus on enabling simplified business prcesses across their delivery model for the “inter-enterprise collaboration” they’ve been looking for, according to their Director of IT.