Posted in May 2009

A Quick Reality Check

It’s always refreshing for a study or data point to add a little reality to the hype surrounding industry buzzwords, as we certainly tend to get ahead ourselves. A 2009 survey on IT spending by Goldman Sachs ranked cloud services #33 on the list of spending priorities among CIOs, with about 50 percent citing that … Continue reading

InsideView CEO Talks Social Media and CRM

Just listened to and tweeted about a great podcast with Umberto Milletti, CEO of InsideView (and a Sugar partner doing some really great sales intelligence stuff). Umberto gives some strong background about the kinds of sources to link to CRM, and some data issues that third-party providers can help you avoid. Check out the podcast … Continue reading

The Public vs. Private Cloud Debate Deepens…

William Hurley wrote an interesting blog post this week about the “public vs. private” cloud issue. I think he brings up some good points. His idea around cloud makers vs. cloud providers is especially interesting. I mean, really, there is nothing stopping those companies that create the tools for enterprises to build cloud infrastructures from … Continue reading

Just What is the CRM Market Today?

I am in the process of putting together a sort of “State of the Union” for the CRM market for a presentation. And I must say, as a former analyst, that there is wayyyyy to much of a disconnect between one firm’s definition of the CRM market as a whole and another firm’s view. And, … Continue reading

Social Media and CRM: Moving Forward

I received a question from my post below that I believe warranted an entirely new one, as the scope and breath of the question really speaks for itself. So now that we’ve entered the age of social media + CRM, where does it go from here? I’ll keep this short, as entire books can be … Continue reading

Social Media and CRM: Two Sides of the Same Coin

I just had an interesting conversation with a colleague that highlighted some of the similarities between CRM and social networking, going back as much as ten years. If you really think about it, CRM in many ways was the world’s first social networking tool: with each account acting as a “profile” of a person, such … Continue reading

Making Sense of the Twitterverse – For $10 a Month

I think most companies with a recognizable brand “get” that there is a major sea change happening in terms of how consumers view their brands, and how new channels of communication are creating tangible effects on their bottom line. I mean, what is said about brands “out there” these days can have serious effects – … Continue reading

What the Sugar Open Cloud Brings to Asia-Pac CRM

Just read that Springboard research claims that about half of all CRM deployments in the Asia-Pac region (excluding Japan) are going with SaaS or cloud-based deployments. This is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it shows that in areas where CRM penetration is relatively low across all market segments, first time CRM buyers are … Continue reading