The Sugar Open Cloud: An Example of Ubiquitous Deployment Models

So there’s been a ton of talk the last two days surrounding our cloud computing environment and strategy. As part of our latest announcement we’re now giving away both a download key for on-site and for a Sugar Open Cloud instance of every Professional and Enterprise account.

It just so happens the customer I mentioned Wednesday has already taken this concept and put it into practice (to their credit, they began this nearly a year ago, and although this isn’t a push-button feature within Open Cloud, that’s the beauty of a Web-based application that’s platform independent). They have Sugar Professional deployed globally within the cloud across offices in Europe, but due to security and bandwidth issues in China, have an on-site installation of Sugar Pro as well.

The concept we’re forging is the idea of ubiquitous deployment models. For years businesses have been slowly eroding away at the concept of on-demand vs. on-site. Why shouldn’t it be both, or perhaps none at all? Cloud computing and open source has become the vehicle by which businesses will come to expect their deployments to take the form of either two, either through a private, virtualized cloud hosted internally or a more traditional, vendor-maintained environment.

With our announcement on Wednesday, we’re taking the first steps towards commoditizing this concept for customers, which is something few, if any, vendors can say they offer.

In the long run, it will be up to vendors like ourselves to act as the intermediary, providing customers with the core functionality and services for the applications and the ability to switch between platforms and hosted or non-hosted models virtually, with open, standards-based cloud offerings giving them the flexibility to interact and deploy their mission-critical applications in a time, manner, and fashion that they see fit.