Funding the Private and Hybrid Cloud

Despite the economy, the continued growth and shear volume at which cloud computing is continuing to expand will lead to a series of venture capital for startups looking to make a play within this market. Many will succeed, and I’m sure just as many will fail, depending on their offerings.

But of those, I came across a small, but I felt noteworthy announcement of a new company today that caught my attention mostly because of their product strategy. Eucalyptus Systems, founded by the same guys that brought the open source cloud computing platform, has closed $5.5 million in Series A venture backing, marking the launch as a private company.

The software is open source and already supports the same APIs as public clouds, such as Amazon, the idea being to allow compatibility with as many platforms as possible. But the real kicker is the software is made to let users aggregate servers or network infrastructure into or off of a “cloud” for end-user customization and provisioning. Customers are capable of moving applications from publically-hosted clouds to private ones, or deploy hybrid environments.

This is the same sort of idea we’re envisioning with Open Cloud, but more importantly one that I think customers will come to expect as they look for available, highly functional application sets – with the tools to integrate and expand the core platform into their own or other cloud environments.

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