Venture Funding in a 2.0 World – We are all potential VCs?

We’ve seen the web itself turn into a 2.0 concept – fostering interactivity among both people and the technology we use. The new state of the web has turned everyone into experts – yelping their reviews for others to read en route to their next meal or gadget purchase, or otherwise editing the facts of the world on some wiki or another. On the tech side – our CRMs and ERP systems (not to mention our facebook accounts) can pull in data and features from nearly anywhere on the web.

The App Store has turned hacker developers into full-fledged software entrepreneurs with small but profitable businesses complete with instant global distribution.

So I was not all that surprised when I saw the social networking meets micro-funding concept Kickstarter find its way into my radar. The idea is pretty simple – connect people with great ideas with those with the means to fund them.

The great part is that those with the original idea retain 100% ownership of the idea or project/product. I bet a lot of startup CEOs would love to have this in their favor after dealing with VCs…

But Kickstarter talks to a much larger idea – that the 2.0 world is not just about social networks and the idle time between the real meat and potatoes of our lives. These concepts have fully bled into everything that those of us living fully in the internet age do every day.