Cloud Computing: A Market Share Game, or a Way to Empower Customers?

I just wrote a very short (obviously) tweet about how I was skimming over my Google alerts articles and noted that two different articles opined that the Cloud was a market share war. Each had their opinion: one deeming Microsoft the potential winner with Azure, the other thought Oracle had the goods to succeed.

So, is the cloud just another buzzword vendors are going to use to gain market share (or at least pretend to gain share)?

I hope not. Rather, I truly believe the promise of cloud computing and more importantly the Open Cloud is the benefits it offers users. All too often IT projects of various sizes get stymied because of a decision made in the past. Now, with the portability and flexibility that truly open cloud computing offers (and not just from providers like SugarCRM), IT projects and those managing them have greater freedom to continue working when things normally would tank a project.

For example – when a high-up tech guy leaves a company, a lot of times their development work gets left in the cold due to lack of access, or knowledge of the proprietary tools that brain was using to develop. But with an open cloud, providing centralized development environments based on industry standards – that development is not wasted.

This is a simple example, but a common one. And I hope that the media start to decode the myths around cloud computing, debunk some of the BS coming from proprietary vendors, and start to focus on the true benefits of an open cloud.