You Want an Example of GREAT CRM in Action?

Check out this.

Lauren McKay over at CRM Magazine posted this impressive tale of the Gaylord resort chain’s ability to do two very cool things – link Twitter into its CRM initiative and actually execute on the ability to gather customer information via non-traditional channels.

All too often we hear the theoretical promises of CRM – that by now cliche’d anecdote of the first-class flight passenger that instantly receives their “favorite drink” before they even sit down in their seat, etc.(Has this ever actually happened to anyone, like in real life?)

It is really something that a hotel chain with the size and scope of Gaylord can quickly adapt to Twitter (Lauren’s initial tweeting was done months ago) and have the foresight to save this information. I doubt that the hotel knew Lauren was someone of influence in the customer service world. But even if they did – great execution here.This is the kind of use-case scenario we look for when people ask about the GetSocial Twitter integration for SugarCRM. (Note: Gaylord is not using SugarCRM to my knowledge.)

I can’t remember how many times it was abundantly clear that I was a journalist or an analyst to hotels and other people that SHOULD have cared, but didn’t think to enhance the relationship.

This really is a nice indicator that the stuff we’re yapping about every day is actually being taken up in the real world.

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