Join the SugarCRM Twibe

For those of you already immersed in the Twitterverse – there is a new Twibe that has been formed to create a discussion around SugarCRM.

Check it out here.

And for those of you not fully versed in Twitterspeak – a “twibe” is a group of Twitter users (Is there a more formal term? Twitterers, Twitterites…Twits?)

I like the idea around these Twibes. For many new to Twitter, it is a cacophony of noise. Sure, you can easily follow some celebrities or other popular web voices when you start – but finding people you know, or those with relevant Tweets can be a daunting task. The more order in this universe the better, I say.

So, if you’re as addicted to twitter as many already are, and love to talk about SugarCRM, please join the twibal counsel (sorry, I had to). Gauging from those already part of the twibe, a lot of great SugarCRM and general CRM best practices information will be shared here.

(Note, I almost felt I had to end this post with a #sugarcrm)