Micro-Payments: Enabling Online Charities, and Creating a New Generation of Entrepeneurs?

I was checking out some cool extensions for Twitter and came across TipJoy. It is yet another micro-payment processing concept, the latest extension of e-commerce enablement solutions (It is strange to think of something like PayPal as a dinosaur in this space already). The site describes TipJoy as a way to raise money and to pay friends via Twitter (say, sending back the $20 a pal lent you at the bar last night) – in essence “social payments.”

I am really quite excited about what micro-payments means for cloud computing and for SMBs in general. As the web becomes a primary and not a secondary sales and marketing channel for many businesses, the ability to create a turnkey commerce model out of the gate is awesome. This really enables a “good idea” to not only take shape and establish community interest on the web, but also to generate a fast revenue model.

All too often in B2C models, distribution via the web has precluded hoping for an Amazon or other mass distributor/e-commerce partnership. More and more – as direct marketing becomes cheaper and more feasible for upstarts via social networking, Apple’s App Store (for more tech-based ideas) and other methods – being able to close the deal more directly will be a huge driver of small businesses as well.

Can’t wait to see how big some of these small but great ideas become.