Twitter Data Persistence (For Corporate Twitter Initiatives, or Data Geeks)

We have been talking a lot about how companies should be getting on the Twitter bandwagon to keep their ear to the brand sentiment grindstone as it were.

But Twitter, like many cloud-based tools having scalability problems due to super fast and unpredictable growth (maybe twitter could be using CRM to discover its growth trajectories a little better) – Twitter has become less than 100% reliable. To insure better access to past tweets and follower data – backing up all that happens in the Twitterverse isn’t a bad idea.

Here’s a great roundup of several Twitter backup services. What I like most about some of these is that they can easily export your data into Excel – which then makes it easier to slice and dice the data, or place it back into a CRM system for more cross-channel reporting.

See, most of the present Twitter/CRM integrations are just tools based on web services that simply embed Twitter into the CRM. The actual data is still simply being exposed, not stored.

So now there is no reason not to be performing historical trending data on all of the tweets that mention your organization. (I am not sure if this is the kind of stuff data analysts dream of, or have nightmares about.)

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